Official home page of LQ2′ has been opened again!

Hello everyone, this is LQ2′.

I am here to announce the relaunch of this official site of me and my own Vocaloid music project. This is a part of rebooting this Vocaloid project after several months of slowness.

I have taken more time in listening and making new music recently, and the world of Vocaloids has changed quite a lot since my first Vocaloid song BEAT THE WORLD. Hatsune Miku’s tenth anniversary was a big chance for me to come back to Vocaloid with new inspirations.

I have made a present to celebrate that special event.

I have uploaded it to Nico Nico too!

The progress will be still slow for now. There is still a lot of work to do. From time to time the style of this site will be updated. There are some optimizations and fixes to be done. But what I love is writing new Vocaloid songs!

For the reboot (and after that), I need some money aside my small monthly income. Donations are welcome on Patreon! Or you can watch and share videos on my YouTube channel with your friends. If you have problems in donating on Patreon, you can ask me via emails listed here.

At the bottom of this page, you can see that I have two other projects.

The first one is named MystiQ, the new home for my own photos about cosplay and events in my hometown Hanoi. I have moved all old posts about my photos and events I visited, to MystiQ.

The second one is Noisy Stream, another blog of mine, where I write about all things in my own life, what I know and care about.

Their pages are being built, and I have lots of work to be done for MystiQ. New updates of all three sites will be posted on Noisy Stream.

Thank you for reading, and stay up to date on my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr too!