Who am I?

I am LQ2′.
Date of birth: March 2nd, 1994
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Favourite music genres:
Rock, metal and their variations.
Electronic: Dubstep, drum and bass, ambient, house, trance, trap.
Classical music, especially piano compositions.

My name has an apostrophe at the end. It has been used as the replacement for the acute accent ( ´ / sắc) in mobile texts by Vietnamese teenagers for a very long time. The ASCII code for the apostrophe is 39. “39” means “Miku” and “Thank you”!

I started producing Vocaloid music in July 2012. I made some musical arrangements for songs written by famous Vocaloid producers from Japan. I have experimented with different subgenres of rock and EDM. My mixing skills has been improving a lot during making arrangements and remixes. In March 2014, I had enough confidence to write original songs. I finished my first Vocaloid song in November, then I released a PV for it in 2015.

You will reach me on these sites:
Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Nico Nico Community | Nico Nico Mylist | YouTube | Piapro | SoundCloud

If you like my music, please support it on Patreon: Official Patreon page

If you have questions for me, here are my email addresses:
LQ2.apostrophe*gmail.com (* → @)
LQ2_apostrophe*yahoo.co.jp (* → @)

Thank you for visiting this official site of LQ2′. I hope you enjoy it!